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Jan 02

How the technology of used cars has improved in the last ten years

The majority of car buyers who are buying a car for the first time tend to lean more towards a used car because it is generally much much cheaper and you can still find cars that are reliable and sturdy. As a new generation is turning to the auto industry as their first major purchase, …

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Oct 22

Tips for Getting The Most from a Cash for Cars Company

Selling your old car can really be a hassle. It usually takes quite a bit of time and you never really know if you are getting a good deal or not. One of the most popular ways to sell and old car is to contact a cash for cars company and see the kind of …

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Sep 28

The Branding of Automobiles

There are places where advertising and product branding overlap. A good advertisement will emphasize the brand. It is interesting to know how cars and trucks have taken on an almost mystical symbolism in our cultural consciousness. People often name their cars. Disney definitely names their cars. There was the Knight Rider television show with the …

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Sep 25

Valuing Our Technology Investments

Technically speaking transportation hasn’t really changed much in the last 50 years. They may have made some minor changes to increase efficiency and such but no major change has happened in the last 50 years but as technology starts to creep more and more in to our transportation systems the changes will start to come …

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Sep 21

Consequences of Car Accidents

Transportation is so important to modern society for the very fabric of society to continue to function as it does today, that people see it as a basic right and not a privilege anymore. That is why we have rules and certifications and a licensing agency to help maintain order on the roads but some …

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Aug 16

The Wonderful City Museum

The City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri, describes itself as an “eclectic mixture of children’s playground, funhouse, surrealistic pavilion, and architectural marvel.” It is a wonderful place to take children, but adults will also be astounded. It is open to midnight every night and even has a few cocktail bars inside! After having visited this …

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Aug 15

When Art and Cars Collide

It is a tradition among my friends to have fun painting and revamping old cars. My friend Emmy has a car whose paint job looks like undulating ocean waves. My friend Benito once had a car that was completely covered in AstroTurf with miniature figurines glued to the hood. These friends are not professional artists …

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