Aug 01

Importance of Art in School

art2When money is tough, art is one of the things that is cut out of a school budget. But we have to put in mind that art is an important subject, not only on its own but in the rest of education as well. It plays an important role in almost all aspects of education, from creativity to interpretation to discussion to understanding design.

The basis of any art projects is creativity. Creativity is an important skill for the  mind to master. Creativity applies to all aspects of life, even in business. Training in art is  because it helps develop a creative mind. It is needed to brainstorm solutions to experiments and projects and to think quickly. When you make something with the limited materials that are available, that is being creative and resourceful. Artists often have to make due with limited means and resources to produce beautiful works of art. Artists are masters of efficiency and effectiveness.

Projects of art are free flowing. Students are able to make decisions and think for themselves based on what they wish to do instead of being given exact directions. This is also required in Philosophy. There may be other subjects that don’t require much creativity like arithmetic. But both mathematics and art education are equally important for different reasons.

Interpretation relies on appreciation of art. An important part of understanding art is learning how to interpret a piece of art. Science and mathematics also make use of interpretation as an important part of these subjects. Students are able to strengthen their interpretation abilities during art classes, and this spills over their ability to interpret other subjects as well.

Students of art give importance to discussing different pieces. They talk about various designs and what they look like. During art classes they discuss various ideas. It is also important that discussion is done in other areas of education. In order to succeed at things, like debates speech classes or social studies, students must learn to express themselves. The courses for natural art make discussion invaluable to these things.

Some art may be creative like computer design and geometric design, but it has a lot to do with design and requires knowledge about that type of design and format. You may see geometric shapes and other design elements in math courses. Students understand how geometric patterns fit together when it comes to mathematics.

For other subjects, art can be very useful as well. In geography, you learn how to draw and appreciate maps. For geometry, students learn through the use of geometric patterns. Students learn and understand social studies and English better by learning how to illustrate objects and people. Different subjects become easier to learn from having art included in them.

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