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Dec 19

It’s Time for Decembeard! What’s the Difference Between Decembeard and No Shave November?

These days, the trends are in. Gone are the days when men are set to have only one style of beard fashion. Some were even hesitant to grow their facial hair for fear that their partners would not approve of it. These days, however, men are also interested, not just in exploring new things, but …

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Oct 11

Countries Using Methane Powered Cars

It is commonly known that natural gases – which include methane – are the preferred alternative source of energy over the more environmentally damaging gasoline and diesel fuels. Around 60% of the world’s methane emissions come from anthropogenic sources like agriculture, coal mines, landfills, as well as natural gas and oil systems. China, Russia, and …

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Aug 16

How Technology has Influenced Art

Technology is certainly transforming art in many ways. Thanks to the Internet almost any artist can share their creations with millions of people. As with many independent musical artists, many visual artists have cut out galleries as a middleman and they sell directly to their patrons who can view the gallery on-line. For artists who …

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Aug 15

When Art and Cars Collide

It is a tradition among my friends to have fun painting and revamping old cars. My friend Emmy has a car whose paint job looks like undulating ocean waves. My friend Benito once had a car that was completely covered in AstroTurf with miniature figurines glued to the hood. These friends are not professional artists …

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Aug 03

Elements and Principles of Design

Design and art are distinct disciplines that have natural similarities between them. There are also differences. In this article I will discuss the similar basic concepts use by both graphic designers and artists alike. The principles and elements of design are used in art, interior design, architecture, automobile design and industrial design. An essential element …

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Aug 01

Importance of Art in School

When money is tough, art is one of the things that is cut out of a school budget. But we have to put in mind that art is an important subject, not only on its own but in the rest of education as well. It plays an important role in almost all aspects of education, …

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