Aug 03

Elements and Principles of Design


Design and art are distinct disciplines that have natural similarities between them. There are also differences. In this article I will discuss the similar basic concepts use by both graphic designers and artists alike. The principles and elements of design are used in art, interior design, architecture, automobile design and industrial design.

An essential element in design and art is color. Color is used to express basic human emotions. It has properties that affect the appearance of art, including hue, intensity and value. When used in art and design, it involves individual elements of color and contrasting colors. Remember when Apple iMac computers offered several unusual colors? Steve Jobs was a master at design.

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Aug 01

Importance of Art in School

art2When money is tough, art is one of the things that is cut out of a school budget. But we have to put in mind that art is an important subject, not only on its own but in the rest of education as well. It plays an important role in almost all aspects of education, from creativity to interpretation to discussion to understanding design.

The basis of any art projects is creativity. Creativity is an important skill for the  mind to master. Creativity applies to all aspects of life, even in business. Training in art is  because it helps develop a creative mind. It is needed to brainstorm solutions to experiments and projects and to think quickly. When you make something with the limited materials that are available, that is being creative and resourceful. Artists often have to make due with limited means and resources to produce beautiful works of art. Artists are masters of efficiency and effectiveness.

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Apr 18

The Trader: A Work of Computer-Generated Art

Although computer-generated art has been around since the ’60s, it is still very fresh and provocative in today’s world. This is because computer technologies continue to evolve, and this evolution opens up so many new avenues that computer artists can explore. It’s because of this reason that I actually decided to become a computer artist. Since I started focusing on computer-generated art about ten years ago, I have held so many exhibitions all over the world. I believe that this goes to show that so many people from all over the world love computer art. In this post, I am going to talk about one piece I made that many of my “fans” consider one of my best works: The Trader.

What exactly is “The Trader”? The Trader is a piece of computer art that I made about a year ago when I was in Australia. What I did was that I arranged a bunch of computers so that they formed the outline of a man. Each computer was then programmed so that it could only be used for the purpose of binary options trading. Those who visit my exhibit can use these computers to do binary options trading with a Banc de Binary practice account. What I did was I donated the earnings of those who used my computers to the charities of my choice. Isn’t amazing? Creating art that benefits charities?

Of course, aside from making a statement of some sort, I suppose the Trader also helped people become more aware of the amazing benefits of doing binary options trading. Many of the people who used my computers ended up doing binary options trading with Banc de Binary. It’s really amazing. I actually support the continued development of online trading. I believe that so many people from all over the world can make a great living through it, especially when we’re talking about binary options trading. Thankfully, my artwork contributed to raising awareness about what online trading has to offer to people.

Currently the Trader is exhibited at the Moderno Museum of Art. The practice accounts I set up for it have earned more than a million dollars as of writing. Considering that these are just practice accounts, the amount they have earned is really something. Currently, I’m thinking of expanding the Trader into a series of works, all of them concentrating on finance and trade in the context of the internet age. I’ve still got a lot of work to do, especially when I consider that there have been so many developments with regard to the internet over the past year.

Hopefully, this post of mine will prove helpful to my readers in some way or another. If you are planning to become an artist, you really should consider focusing on computer-generated art. I believe that computer-generated art will continue playing an integral part not just in the world of art, but in the global culture as well. Through computer-generated art, society can express what it truly feels about computer technologies, as well as how they are affected by its evolution.

Mar 19

Botox Makes Anyone’s Face Look Like Art

botoxThe reason why so many portraits that you might see in a local art museum look so perfect is because the times that they were made in are radically different when compared to today’s time. The problem with today’s society is that we are overly addicted to artificial foods, fillers and other harmful materials that cause our bodies to age faster than normal.

The lifestyles of the average person were very different back when these old works of art were made. For instance, people didn’t have to worry about dense air pollution or fillers in their foods at the time. They often looked great even after years of aging. That’s what made it so the portraits of these people that many artisans made at the time look so ideal.

It’s clearly going to be a challenge for anyone’s face to look like a real work of art. After all, the average person’s body is often subjected to such things as pollutants, fats and free radicals throughout the day. The pull of gravity on the skin doesn’t make things any better either.

That’s why a plastic surgeon South Jersey at can work with various procedures for the face. These include Botox among many other treatments.

Common Surgical Processes Work

Sometimes surgical processes are used to help with taking care of the face. A surgical procedure will often involve a face lift to reposition some parts of the skin to make the face look younger. In other cases nose surgery may be used to help reposition the nose or to adjust the contours around this critical organ. Sometimes you might even find that ear surgery will help to frame your face. This could make it easier for your face to really have that artistic look that you’ve always wanted.

The big thing about these procedures is that they are designed to make the skin look smooth and to help create the right facial proportions that you might have always wanted. This could all be designed to protect that look that you’ve always wanted so you’ll have that look that you have always desired.

Botox Can Also Be Used

Botox San Diego through may also help with taking care of certain issues. Botox is done to help control muscles that cause wrinkles to develop around the skin. This is a procedure that is often useful for minor concerns and is relatively easy to inject into the skin. This is designed to enhance the overall look of the face to make it look brilliant and appealing.

Botox is useful for minor issues but sometimes they can help you to protect your skin. This is to help you keep from having wrinkles around your eyes and other spaces where the skin can sag over time. If you’ve seen old works of art then you might notice that these wrinkle lines are not found on many people who posed for portraits and other paintings. Botox is designed to help you get yourself to look a little closer to what you’ve seen in these works of art.

Make Your Face Look Its Best

If you take a look at old works of art then you’ll see that these works are very vibrant and youthful in appearance. They are pictures that show how great life was back before people had to deal with harmful compounds and pollutants that make us all look older than we really are. Surgical procedures can help you to attain the artistic look that you’ve always wished that you could get for your face. Be sure to consider such a procedure no matter where you are if you are looking to get something that is sensible and easy to manage.

Mar 11

Why Computer Artists Need to Get in Touch with a Mold Removal Contractor

I have been working as a computer artist for more than a decade. Although I do make a lot of money working with video game companies, I actually still put in the effort to create art both for my own as well as clients from other industries. I have actually exhibited my personal art a couple of times. I don’t really sell most of them, but I have gotten recognition from so many critics all over the world. They called my art “pioonering” as it perfectly melded both art and technology. They have also said that it’s a shame that I am reluctant to let go of most of my personal art.

As for doing computer-generated art for non-video game industries, well, I can definitely say that I also make a lot of money from it. I have done so much work for so many industries. Unfortunately, though,doing computer-generated art can be really hard. This is because I have to keep my equipment in tip-top shape. Aside from using the latest computer equipment, I also need to keep my working space free of mold and other contaminants so that my computers’ performance doesn’t become poor. Luckily, through the help of a mold removal contractor team from Toronto, I am able to easily deal with the latter problem. In this post I am going to talk about how I was able to create such a great work of functional art with their help. By doing so, I hope to make people realize that maintaining the right set-up for creating computer generated art isn’t that hard.

The mold removal contractors I worked with were one of the more “forward-thinking” mold removal contractors in their area. One of the ways they are forward thinking is that they try to use the newest technologies in unique ways to aid them in their work. Through the use of the newest mold removal technologies, they are able to deal with mold more efficiently than other companies. Their way of cleaning mold doesn’t affect my computers and other electronic equipment negatively. In addition to this, they are able to clean my work area really fast.

Through the help of the mold remediation company, I am able to create so many works for different industries efficient. It’s really great. I don’t have to ever worry about my computers malfunctioning while I’m working on a certain project, and this is because I know that my work area is free of mold – this is all thanks to my mold removal contractors.

If you have ever wanted to be a computer artist, don’t let the fact that you have to do regular maintenance of your equipment so that they aren’t affected by mold and other contaminants keep you from pursuing your passion. Mold removal contractors now offer their services at reasonable rates, so really, keeping your work area and computers clean should be the least of your worries. There’s really nothing like being a computer artist. Through the work of such an artist, science and art are combined to create works that push the boundaries of both fields.

Mar 08

How I Became a Celebrated Computer Artist

I have been creating computer generated art for more than a decade now. Since I started my career as a fulltime artist, I have held so many exhibitions of work. Most of them were held here in Canada while others were held in various other parts of the world. I guess I could say that I am very much successful. However, despite the fact that I am doing so well in the art world, I actually didn’t have a formal education in art in the “classic” sense of the word. Before I decided to become a fulltime artist, I actually studied computer programming and worked as a graphics designer for computer applications. Although I didn’t really concentrate on art in the traditional sense, my experiences as a computer graphics designer certainly helped me accomplish so much in the art world. Hopefully, by writing this post, I get to make so many people realize that they don’t have to go through formal education in art to be successful as an artist.

If there’s one experience I credit for making me realize my potential, it’s my work with a team of Toronto finished basements contractors. A few years ago, the company contacted me to help them with an app. If you have worked with such a company over the past few years, you will know that they now use mobile technologies to help them with their work. They now use such technologies to help themselves create and implement amazing designs on the houses they worke on. The company that contacted me wanted me to work on an app that would help them do impromptu designing while they are on-site, and so I did my best to create amazing graphical interfaces for their app. Through my work with them, I realized that I can create amazing art through the use of programming. A few months after my job with them, I left the tech industry and started creating computer generated art.

Although the app I helped design later became one of the most popular apps among basement contractors all over the country, I still decided to not pursue a career in programming. It paid off. Just a year after becoming a fulltime artist, I got recognition from many organizations that deal with art. Through them, I have been able to create so many works of computer generated art and profit from them greatly. Even though I didn’t have any formal training in art, I was able to create amazing computer generated art that is now recognized in the world as some of the best works the world has ever seen.

Hopefully, what I have written here will inspire everyone to actually pursue the arts if it really is their passion. Don’t think that just because you didn’t attend art school, you don’t have the necessary skills to actually be successful in the art world. So long as you have the right amount of creativity, ingenuity, and technical skills, you definitely have the capacity to create amazing works of art.

Feb 27

Computer Art in a Dust Free Environment

photo blue screens in computer roomYou might think that computer generated art is not art at all and it does not require any special equipment or setting, other than a computer in a room. You would be wrong.  Computer generated art is a specialised area and equipment is all-important.

A Clean Computer is a Productive One

To be able to produce my art I require a top of the range computer with a top of the range graphics card. I need a printer capable of outputs of large prints, sometimes multiple prints.  I need a room that is clean and quiet, a room that has spec in it.

What I do not need is dirt and dust.  Anyone who has a computer will know exactly what havoc dust and dirt can cause. Computers are full of tiny little electrical components and fans that keep it all cool.

A build-up of dirt and dust inside the casing of a computer can cause overheating issues. It can case electrical components to stop responding, eventually leading to a breakdown in communications and the computer, metaphorically speaking, downing tools and refusing to work.

That’s not to mention dirt and dust getting onto the printer heads, on the paper or material that I use to print on. Dirt is unhealthy, not just to humans but to electrical equipment as well.

Take a Deep Breath

One of the best things that anyone who works in a similar field can do look at air purifier filters, click here if you’re interested to learn more about them. This site will give you an idea of what is available, review what is out there and what these filters can do for you.

Air purifier filters are designed to remove dirt and dust from the air. They also remove allergens and dust mites, bacterial and viral components in the air that I breathe in every day.  The one I have has improved my working conditions no end.

I no longer have to spend half the day cleaning my equipment out, examining materials to find some that is not coated in dust. I no longer spend the day suffering from a condition known as sick building syndrome.

The air on my workspace is clean and uncontaminated. It does not matter what line of work you are in, everyone should work in a room supplied with an air purifier filter, if for nothing else other than their own health.

Feb 25

How to Make It in the Art World

I have been making computer and video game art for so many years now. In fact, I have had many exhibitions here in Canada. What is it about computer and video game art that I find so fascinating? For one, computers and video games aren’t exactly things that most people would associate with art. By doing art through such mediums, I am able to challenge the expectations of so many people. Being able to create thought-provoking works gives me much satisfaction.

I am now recognized by many authorities as one of preeminent artists of the current generation. My best works now sell for millions of dollars because of this. Of course, I obviously wasn’t always a recognized artist. Back when I was starting, I didn’t even have much money. I even thought of taking a corporate job because making art wasn’t giving me enough money to pay my bills. Luckily, I was able to find a solution to my financial woes and continue my career in art. In this post I am going to share what I did to support myself while making my name in the art world: binary options trading. Many people ask, is binary options trading legit? Yes it is – in fact, binary options trading is legal and regulated in many different territories all over the world.

Most people don’t realize this, but anyone can actually make a good living from doing binary options trading. In my case, I was able to make a couple thousand dollars a month through dealing with binary options alone. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the fact that I was working with Banc de Binary. Many people find trading at Banc de Binary to be very profitable because the brokerage offers so many amazing services. One of these services happens to be their demo account. Through their demo account, anyone new to trading can quickly learn efficient binary options trading and even craft the most amazing strategies.

Through the help of Banc de Binary, I was able to focus on making my name in the art world. I definitely owe them my success as an artist today. I’m having a big exhibition at the Toronto Museum of Modern Art tomorrow – I can’t help but think about how I would have eluded success had I not decided to do binary options trading. Thankfully, I did. Had I made the opposite decision, I’d probably be doing brainless work that doesn’t pay well at a boring old company in the city right now.

Hopefully, what I have written here will prove helpful to many aspiring artists. If your finances are the problem that prevents you from doing what you want in life, you should know that you can solve it by doing binary options trading. Binary options trading, after all, is very easy to do despite yielding high returns. So long as you use the right trading strategies, you will never go broke with this form of online trading. There are always risks, but they can be circumvented by following trading signals and the advice of your brokerage’s financial advisors.

Feb 22

Working Culture At Startup Tech Companies: Do They Prepare For Growth?

technologyThere is a perception among those looking to create a tech startup and it is not an altogether correct one.

OK, you have a good idea and you have a few people on board so what is the next step? Rent out a small office, go to work in shorts and sandals, work but lead a relaxed life, get the startup noticed and either sell it or get a load of investment. Sounds standard, right?

Well it doesn’t quite work out like this for most startup companies and there is a reason that many fail within the first year and even more fail within 3 years. The problem lies in the lack of focus on growth as a company and the working culture has a lot to do with this.

For many CEO’s of tech startups and companies it can difficult to admit that they need to bring someone else on board to help fuel the company’s growth. Bring in entry level employees, yes, but at the top end of the company? It is a mistake that thousands make every year because focusing on how to grow the company with strategic direction is just as important as doing so by hiring new entry level staff to perform the menial tasks that no one else wants to do.

Many online experts such as the executive search firm Bob Search make a point of emphasizing the need to expand at the top level as opposed to continually growing from the bottom. For most tech startup firms it is unlikely that many billion dollar offers from Google or Facebook are going to come in and make everyone in the company instantly rich whilst providing the direction for growth and expansion at the same time. So without this external leadership companies need to bring in someone to do it internally.

Indeed, the often relaxed working culture at many tech startups – while often producing results and creating a good working atmosphere – doesn’t usually transfer into proper growth. Scalability is a buzzword that is thrown around often with new tech startups and for a lot of new companies it isn’t taken serious enough. It is all very well having some ambition but wanting to remain rooted in the here and now although it is useful to think big and, most importantly, prepare for growth.

With the economy seemingly growing every quarter then there is much more opportunity for funding and investment for new technology startups. Inevitably there comes a time when each new startup needs to sink or swim and to keep flowing down the river of success they need to expand and change their working culture. It isn’t always popular however this is the reality of working in 2014.

Outside help can assist greatly in expanding a business and taking on a new top level employee isn’t admitting failure or an inability to conduct your own affairs rather it is showing vision and leadership.

Unfortunately not all tech companies realize this and these are the ones that generally fall by the wayside.


Feb 07

Advances in Medical Technology Lead to Job Creation

medDespite being difficult, competitive and scarce, the current job market is also abundant. Does this sound Ironic? Well, the job market is abundant if you know the right places to look, or rather the right careers to fill. Careers related to the medical technology industry field have been growing so much lately that there haven’t been enough workers to fill the demand. The scientists and researchers who specialize in developing and improving complicated technologies like CT scans, MRI machines, and new medicines are needed all over the world.

If you’re looking for a job or have been following career and job-related news, you’ve most likely noticed a trend in openings for technology related positions. There are a number of factors as to why there are so many jobs for those who specialize in medical tech when jobs in so many other fields are lacking.


Probably the biggest factor in the boom of the medical technology industry is the increase in the sheer amount of people that need attention every day. This leads to a number of jobs that need to be filled in order for the industry to operate. This includes the resources that need to be produced such as medicine, medical equipment, and tools. Also, the populations in some countries are composed of more senior citizens and infants than there are of healthy, able-bodied citizens. Babies and the elderly require more medical attention than an average person because of the many complications they may develop due to their age.

Cost of Getting a Degree

The number of people available to fill these job vacancies may be well below the required amount because of the sheer cost in getting a degree to become a technical professional. Many professions in medicine require years of studying and a lot of money; especially if you are going to pay for your schooling yourself. However, those interested in researching new technologies can usually start in the field with just a four year undergraduate degree.

Where Research is Headed

Research into new technologies is fast paced and can be very exciting. For example, scientists have recently developed a small electrical implant that can detect the start of a migraine and issue small electrical pulses to stop it before you even notice anything happening. Or there’s needle free diabetes care that allows patients to check their blood sugar levels without pricking their fingers. These amazing technologies will surely be able to help millions of people around the world. As mentioned above, research into ailments that affect the very young and the old will be in high demand for years to come.

Still Top Priority

While there’s more money to be made in other fields like finance or banking, salaries in the medical tech field are nothing to laugh at. The rapid increase in the number of people needing MRI’s, CT scans, and blood analysis means that those involved in producing those technologies will always be in high demand.

A great example of someone who’s done very well in the medical tech and neuroscience industry is Kenneth Dart, the founder and owner of Dart Neuroscience. His company has pioneered a number of amazing technologies to help study the brain and treat brain diseases. He’s just one of many who have embraced the field of medical technology and whose advancements are helping us all to stay a little healthier.

Feb 07

The Arts and Cultural Scene in Cayman Islands

GeorgeTownAerialIntroduction to the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is a three island archipelago in the western Caribbean Sea , officially part of the British Overseas territories. The three islands are located to the Northwest of Jamaica and South of Cuba and comprise:

  1. The Grand Cayman,
  2. Cayman Brac and
  3. The Little Cayman.

By all trustworthy historical accounts, the Cayman Islands were only inhabited in the seventeenth century and there is no indication yet that the archipelago ever had any indigenous peoples. Great Britain took control of the Cayman Islands in 1670 following the signing of the Treaty of Madrid.

Today, the Cayman Islands are well known as a tax haven where major companies and the world’s super rich take advantage of the island policy not to levy such taxes as income tax, wealth tax or capital gains tax. Due to its reputation as a tax haven, the Cayman Islands territory holds the unique distinction of having more registered businesses than people.

There is a popular legend that the practice goes back to the reign of King George III who apparently promised never to tax the islanders because they rescued the crew of ten British merchant ships including the King’s own son. While it is untrue, many Caymanians still hold on to the legend.


Arts and Cultural Activities in the Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands have a diverse arts and cultural heritage mainly owing to the  rich mix of nationalities which form the population. A population of close to 60,000 is drawn up from about 100 nationalities with only about a half being of Caymanian descent. About 60% of the population is of mixed race, mainly mixed Caucasian-African.

The diverse cultural heritage of the Caymans give a host of art and cultural distractions for the discerning visitor. Here is a just a sample of the cultural and art activities to make your holiday in the Caymans Islands memorable

1. Taste of Cayman Food & Wine Festival

This culinary festival is to be held on February 8, 2014 at the Festival Green at Camana Bay, George Town on the Grand Cayman. Over the years, the Taste of the Cayman has attained the reputation of being among the largest culinary festivals in the Caribbean.

The festival is a rare opportunity to enjoy the best fare from over 40 restaurants as they compete to be awarded the highly coveted “Best of” awards in various categories. On the sidelines of the festival are other fun activities such as live music performances and fireworks.

To learn more about the Taste of Cayman and other things to do in grand cayman  click here.

2. Boating

As you would expect, boating  and other water sports are popular leisure activities for both residents and visitors to the Caymans Islands. In fact, you will find entire waterfront communities dedicated to water sports. The Salt Creek neighbourhood is a good example of such a community. It is a gated community managed by the Dart Realty. You can click here to learn more about this and other properties managed by Kenneth Dart.


Jan 23

How Internet Marketing Companies Can Help New Art Review Websites

creative artMusic websites, film websites, and other kinds of websites that review different forms of art have been around ever since the web first went online. During the early days of the internet, these websites didn’t make any profit and were generally just put up by individuals who were passionate about art to share their love for it to people from all over the world. Fortunately for many of these individuals, their websites started getting significant traffic and they ended up making a good living just from operating their websites. Aside from still providing a venue for them to share their thoughts on works of art that they love, these websites have made their owners well off.

The success of web pioneers is not easy to replicate, however. Every day, a new website that reviews a certain art form goes online – unfortunately, most of these websites end up not having that many regular visitors. Even the ones with really good reviews sometimes don’t get enough attention simply because the pioneer art review websites have gotten too much foothold in the internet community. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case. The reason why I am writing this article is to give those who operate art review websites a chance to compete even with pioneer websites. Hopefully, this post of mine will end up proving helpful to them

The best way one can increase traffic to their art review website is by hiring an internet marketing company. Most website owners don’t realize this, but even the biggest websites on the internet still need to rely on such a company; word of mouth simply isn’t enough even for the biggest websites. One way internet marketing websites can help improve traffic to a new art review website is by improving its design. New art review website owners tend to neglect the design aspect of their website thinking that the strength of their writing is enough to draw visitors. This is far from the truth. A shoddy looking website will turn off visitors before they even start reading a site’s content. If a website owner does not have substantial knowledge in website design, they better hire an internet marketing company if they want substantial traffic to their website.

Another way an internet market agency can help new art review websites is by doing off-page SEO. Off-page SEO relies on such strategies as keyword linking in order to increase a website’s search engine rankings. Off-page SEO is best used with on-page SEO. Even if a website has a first page ranking, it still needs to have content good enough to turn a visitor into a “regular customer.”

Hopefully, what I wrote here will get struggling art review website owners to get help from a trustworthy internet marketing company. One last tip I can give website owners is that they should only get help from companies that only use “white-hat” or legitimate methods of internet marketing. Getting help from “black-hat” marketers can end up getting one’s site blacklisted from search engines. If you are currently looking for an internet marketing agency, I suggest you visit – not only are they white-hat, they also have a proven track record.

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