Aug 03

Elements and Principles of Design


Design and art are distinct disciplines that have natural similarities between them. There are also differences. In this article I will discuss the similar basic concepts use by both graphic designers and artists alike. The principles and elements of design are used in art, interior design, architecture, automobile design and industrial design.

An essential element in design and art is color. Color is used to express basic human emotions. It has properties that affect the appearance of art, including hue, intensity and value. When used in art and design, it involves individual elements of color and contrasting colors. Remember when Apple iMac computers offered several unusual colors? Steve Jobs was a master at design.

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Aug 01

Importance of Art in School

art2When money is tough, art is one of the things that is cut out of a school budget. But we have to put in mind that art is an important subject, not only on its own but in the rest of education as well. It plays an important role in almost all aspects of education, from creativity to interpretation to discussion to understanding design.

The basis of any art projects is creativity. Creativity is an important skill for the  mind to master. Creativity applies to all aspects of life, even in business. Training in art is  because it helps develop a creative mind. It is needed to brainstorm solutions to experiments and projects and to think quickly. When you make something with the limited materials that are available, that is being creative and resourceful. Artists often have to make due with limited means and resources to produce beautiful works of art. Artists are masters of efficiency and effectiveness.

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Sep 14

Is there a Market for Computer Generated Art?

Art, as an expression of man’s creativity, is constantly evolving. From the prehistoric drawings made my cavemen long ago to the modern artworks of today, the visual images created by artists have always reflected the changing times. Presently, a form of contemporary art that is slowly making its mark in the art world is computer generated art. With the tremendous advancements that technology has made in recent years, it comes as no surprise that some imaginative minds would combine art and technology and create this new but controversial type of art.

There has been an ongoing debate on computer generated art. Not a few fine arts experts have balked at the idea of considering it as “real” art. They argue that a painter, for example, needs to master the use of his brush before creating a masterpiece, accomplishing this without any help from technology. However, advocates of computer generated art state that art is art. While the traditional artist uses a canvas as his medium, a digital artist utilizes a computer.

Although an increasing number of artists are discovering the use of technology in creating art, many remain doubtful about the commercial potential of computer generated art. This opinion seems to be supported by a recent article I read from an online arts magazine, describing an auction held for the sale of twenty digital artworks. The total revenue generated from the event amounted to less than one hundred thousand dollars, which is a mere fraction of the amount that is usually earned from auctions of more traditional art pieces. The author then concluded that presently, the market for computer generated art is still small. Furthermore, majority of contemporary art collectors are unfamiliar with digital art. Art scenes around the world are mainly conservative; and the use of a computer as an art medium is still not widely accepted. Simply put, it is not easy to sell computer generated art.

However dismal such sales figures may be, there are also those who believe in the future of computer generated art. I know of a certain art gallery that has lent its support to computer generated art by allocating some space for exhibition.  Since the display requirements for digital art is different from its traditional counterpart, the gallery owner had to order custom-built exhibition stands from companies like,to show off the art pieces properly.

Even though experts today might be reluctant to consider computer generated art as fine art, there is no denying that as technology advances, it will be used by more and more artists to enhance the visual aesthetics in their work. As such, we might very well see a future where it will be acceptable for an artist to express himself with the use of a computer instead of a canvas.

Sep 11

Starting Up Your Own Art Gallery

The art world is full of budding talents who would like to make it big in the industry. If you’re one of them, you can realize your dreams with continuous hard work. It may not be that easy, but if you love what you’re doing, you can find your way to success. As an artist, you may open your art gallery to sell not only your artwork, but of other artists as well.

Determine the Type of Artworks You Wish to Sell

While you can sell different types of arts, you may want to focus on a specific type first. Be an expert in this area so people would perceive you as an authority in this field. For instance, if you specialize in computer generated art, clients who need this type of artwork would most probably go to you, instead of a company that offers different kinds of arts, as this is your specialty.

Get Insured

There are different types of insurance that you can get to secure your business from possible loss due to various reasons, such as theft, fire and natural calamities. Other artists that you wish to collaborate with would also want to make sure that they are covered, in case something happens to their artworks. You should also get the necessary permits to run a business in your state.

Find a Space

Your location plays a very important factor in the success of your business. It should be easy to find and somewhere that’s near your potential clients. The gallery should be clean, organized and attractive. It should also be welcoming so that people would not hesitate to check out your artworks. A gallery with glass doors and windows is ideal so passersby would see your artworks even from the outside. If the space does not have this, there are replacement doors and windows that can be found in the Toronto area.    The companies selling high quality windows and doors in Toronto also offer replacement and installation services. You may also want to have a security system installed for extra protection.

Once you have your gallery set, promote your business both online and offline to let potential clients know about it.

Sep 01

Computer Programmers Might Need Liposuction

According to studies, there is a good number of computer programmers who are overweight. This also includes those who are just working from home or are working using their computers. This might seem harsh, but this is highly possible. This is due to the nature of their work. People who sit for several hours a day are more prone to weight related issues. Add to this the fact that while working, they tend to eat a lot. They have a great feeling of hunger after some time of sitting down when their body has not even moved that much.

If this becomes worse, computer programmers might have to resort to liposuction to solve their weight problem. It is not necessarily a bad option, but if there are other ways to get out of this problem, then these ways should be tried first.

How to Avoid Getting Fat

Even if computer programmers are required to sit most of the times, it does not hurt to stand every once in a while. They have to move
around or do stretching after 2 hours of sitting straight. There should also be enough time spent on exercising. No matter how difficult the task at hand is, it should be left first to give way for exercising or for hitting the gym. Those who have no time to hit the gym may do the exercise at home using fitness training equipment or by hiring a personal trainer. A few hours a day spent on exercise will help a lot in avoiding weight problems.

Computer programmers should also be more disciplined. They have to avoid being tempted to eat unhealthy food. When working on a computer station, they should let go of junk foods or foods taken out of fast food restaurants. Healthy dishes should be served instead. There must be a daily dose of fruits and vegetables. At night, if they have the tendency to work late, they need to stop eating already. Take plenty of water instead to energize the body. Drinking coffee or soda to keep the mind awake should also be avoided.

Liposuction as an Alternative

If the problem is still left unsolved, then liposuction might be the way to go. This might be a bit expensive, but this is a sure way to remove excess fat in the body. There are more modern techniques available today to make the recovery period a lot faster and to stop extreme pain when the effects of anesthesia are gone. As long as you have partnered with a reliable surgeon, there is nothing to worry about. For the best surgeon for liposuction in Phoenix, visit here. Those who want to go for tummy tuck may check out tummy tuck in San Diego at .

There is nothing wrong with undergoing liposuction if dietary changes and exercise won’t suffice. However, even after undergoing such treatments, it is still important to maintain a healthy diet or to exercise. Otherwise, one might gain weight again and the effects of liposuction could be reversed.

Jul 25

The Importance of Internet for Graphic Design

The Internet is considered as a necessity, not only for personal use, but also for businesses. As a graphic designer who focuses on computer-generated art, fast Internet access becomes a necessary tool. Though different computer software for graphic design such as Blender, Autodesk 3ds Max, Shake, Digital Fusion and other are easy to acquire, there are still several additional graphic design tools that can be found online.

Companies that offer graphic design services have many ways of looking for potential clients. Most of Larger companies can afford to spend thousands for advertising in different formats, including billboards and newspaper ads. But for small companies like what I have, which do not have enough capital for advertising their services, this kind of setup is not feasible. Thus, we solely rely on the Internet not only for getting clients, but also for reaching the target audience. In that case, a good and fast Internet connection is required.

The importance of a fast Internet connection for graphic design companies

A reliable Internet connection is very important in doing business online. Internet service providers offer different packages tailored to a client's needs. For a graphic design business, the faster the speed, the better, which is why they opt to choose a package that runs through a fibre optic network. Fibre optics allow for faster and higher Internet speed.

When to consider a fibre optic connection

  • If the company conducts heavy file transfers, and continuously access real-time applications and cloud data.
  • If the company has quite a number of clients wherein scalability for point to point connections needs to be managed properly.
  • If the company aims for a level of productivity wherein completing tasks as quick as possible is required.

How to get a fibre optic connection

This type of connection is a part of technology advancement for several telecommunications companies. Anyone can simply apply for this service, but those who want to avail of a fibre optic connection for a cheaper price prefer establishing it on their own. In Australia, dark fibre installation services are also available online. The service allows you to control what equipment to use, as well as when and how you want to connect it. It is completely secure and you also have full control on the protocols and transmission technology you want to employ.

May 30

Binary Options Trading: A Great Help to Young Artists

I have been working an artist who focuses on creating computer-generated art for over a decade now. Aside from working on my own personal art (which has been exhibited in countless galleries all over the world), I also do work for film companies. I can definitely say that I have already found success this early in life; thankfully, I didn’t give up on my dream of being a successful artist. Many people may not know this, but just like many other artists out there, money was a big problem for me when I was starting out. I would have quit pursuing my dreams of being a successful artist if it weren’t for one thing: binary options trading. In this post, I am going to discuss how binary options training helped me attain financial stability during my early years as an artist. Hopefully, what I talk about here will end up helping young artists stay focused on their dreams.

How exactly did binary options trading help me? Obviously, it allowed me to make a lot of money on the side while I focused on honing my craft. Now, you might be thinking, didn’t binary options trading take up a lot of my time? The truth is that it didn’t, and this is why I specifically recommend it to artists. As an artist, I know how having a full-time job can ruin one’s focus on creating their own art. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with binary options trading. Even if one only does binary options trading a few hours a day, one can still earn as much as people who actually have full-time jobs through it.

Of course, when it comes to binary options trading, people have to be careful that they don’t end up working with illegal brokerages. Such brokerages often work to defraud their clients of their hard-earned money after a while. In my case, I ended up working with Banc de Binary. So many people from all over the world have created Banc de Binary accounts, and rightly so. This is because aside from being legitimate, Banc de Binary actually offers really amazing services that help people make the most of binary options trading. These services include binary options trading signals, 24/7 live help from expert brokers, a very intuitive trading platform, and learning resources. By taking advantage of such services, I was able to attain financial stability rather easily.

Whether you invest with Banc de Binary is entirely up to you, my point is just this: that with binary options trading, you won’t have to make financial issues a reason for not pursuing your dream of being a successful artist anymore. I know how it feels not having any money and not being paid the attention you think you deserve, but you really just have to stick to your situation for a little bit more. After a while, you will definitely get more clients and commissions. Who knows, you might end up being a celebrated artist too! Whatever the case may be, know that you shouldn’t have to give up on your dreams.

Apr 25

How I Store my Artwork to Keep it Safe

Anyone that reads my blog will know that my artwork is my passion. The unfortunate downside of this is that I have many great pieces that I simply cannot store them all in my house, and they are too important for me to put in the basement or shed. I have gone through many different storage options for my artwork, and even attempted to have a gallery take the pieces for me. However, I recently came across the very best solution for storing my artwork and keeping it safe from potential damage.

My early attempts
The first solution was to store my artwork in my basement, but this was one of the worst ideas that I have ever had. My basement flooded and much of my work was damaged or destroyed. This was a shock to me and it was the first time that I considered ways to safely store my artwork. The next solution was to store my artwork in a storage locker at my local security storage provider. This was a good solution, but I found the monthly cost of the storage unit to be prohibitive. The next solution was to attempt to encourage a local gallery to take some of my work and put it on display. However, they were not overly interested and I seemed to be getting nowhere with them. I even spoke to them about renting storage space from the gallery, but they didn’t seem like this would be an option for me. This led me to my current solution.

My Current Solution
I decided to source my own storage system. I decided to purchase a 10 foot portable storage container from Quick Portable Storage ( because that would give me plenty of room for storage. I had plenty of room on my property for the container and I was also able to secure the container to prevent theft. I mounted the container on small posts to prevent moisture seeping in from under the ground. This left me with a secure. safe and reliable storage area for my artwork. My storage container is about half full already and I am already making plans to install a larger container!

Apr 23

Using Sclerotherapy in Treating Artists with Varicose Veins

Some people think that being an artist is easy. It does not necessarily require too much physical movement. With the rise of digital art, some artists would just have to sit down in front of their computer while working. However, prolonged sitting or standing might have adverse effects on artists’ health. Those who have started to have weakened veins and valves in the legs develop varicose veins. Though it is not that serious, it might cause some complications and the valves that carry blood all over the body to the heart might not do its function well.

The good news is that for artists and other people who suffer from varicose veins, there is a treatment to end this problem. This process is called sclerotherapy. This is a procedure that treats blood vessels as well as the lymphatic system. During the procedure, a medicine is injected to the blood vessels in order for them to shrink. In fact, this procedure is also deemed as safe for children. However, for adults, its practical applications include spider veins and varicose veins.

How Sclerotherapy Works

This method is one of the many methods used in the entire surgery to treat the problem. This includes laser ablation and radiofrequency. The combination of these treatments helps solve the problem. The whole process is done under ultrasound guidance. It also makes use of microfoam sclerosants.

However, there are some side effects in undergoing sclerotherapy. This includes skin discoloration as well as scarring. For some people, it might also be a bit painful. However, during the procedure, local anesthetic will be used. After the procedure, the patient’s legs will be bandaged or supported with compressions stockings. This helps to put more pressure on the veins. However, it is advised not to make it too tight or else it could result to more problems. In certain trials, 3-7 days of bandaging is enough. For some others, it could extend up to 42 days. It depends on the comfort level of the patient in using the bandage.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy

According to a review in regards to the effectiveness of the process, it was found out that the treatment is way better than other forms or surgery. This is in terms of the success rate and complications. It is also cheaper in terms of maintenance cost. In short, looking at it in a long term, this is deemed as a much better alternative than other option. Though there are some studies that suggest it has lesser benefits, it can’t be denied that it is not as complicated as other processes. There are also a lot of researches being done to improve the procedure.

If you are an artist and you have been suffering from varicose veins for a long time, this is something that you really need to take a look at. If you want to go for vein treatment in Miami, you need to go here. If you want to know more about the effects of sclerotherapy, then visit this website:

Apr 18

The Trader: A Work of Computer-Generated Art

Although computer-generated art has been around since the ’60s, it is still very fresh and provocative in today’s world. This is because computer technologies continue to evolve, and this evolution opens up so many new avenues that computer artists can explore. It’s because of this reason that I actually decided to become a computer artist. Since I started focusing on computer-generated art about ten years ago, I have held so many exhibitions all over the world. I believe that this goes to show that so many people from all over the world love computer art. In this post, I am going to talk about one piece I made that many of my “fans” consider one of my best works: The Trader.

What exactly is “The Trader”? The Trader is a piece of computer art that I made about a year ago when I was in Australia. What I did was that I arranged a bunch of computers so that they formed the outline of a man. Each computer was then programmed so that it could only be used for the purpose of binary options trading. Those who visit my exhibit can use these computers to do binary options trading with a Banc de Binary practice account. What I did was I donated the earnings of those who used my computers to the charities of my choice. Isn’t amazing? Creating art that benefits charities?

Of course, aside from making a statement of some sort, I suppose the Trader also helped people become more aware of the amazing benefits of doing binary options trading. Many of the people who used my computers ended up doing binary options trading with Banc de Binary. It’s really amazing. I actually support the continued development of online trading. I believe that so many people from all over the world can make a great living through it, especially when we’re talking about binary options trading. Thankfully, my artwork contributed to raising awareness about what online trading has to offer to people.

Currently the Trader is exhibited at the Moderno Museum of Art. The practice accounts I set up for it have earned more than a million dollars as of writing. Considering that these are just practice accounts, the amount they have earned is really something. Currently, I’m thinking of expanding the Trader into a series of works, all of them concentrating on finance and trade in the context of the internet age. I’ve still got a lot of work to do, especially when I consider that there have been so many developments with regard to the internet over the past year.

Hopefully, this post of mine will prove helpful to my readers in some way or another. If you are planning to become an artist, you really should consider focusing on computer-generated art. I believe that computer-generated art will continue playing an integral part not just in the world of art, but in the global culture as well. Through computer-generated art, society can express what it truly feels about computer technologies, as well as how they are affected by its evolution.

Mar 19

Botox Makes Anyone’s Face Look Like Art

botoxThe reason why so many portraits that you might see in a local art museum look so perfect is because the times that they were made in are radically different when compared to today’s time. The problem with today’s society is that we are overly addicted to artificial foods, fillers and other harmful materials that cause our bodies to age faster than normal.

The lifestyles of the average person were very different back when these old works of art were made. For instance, people didn’t have to worry about dense air pollution or fillers in their foods at the time. They often looked great even after years of aging. That’s what made it so the portraits of these people that many artisans made at the time look so ideal.

It’s clearly going to be a challenge for anyone’s face to look like a real work of art. After all, the average person’s body is often subjected to such things as pollutants, fats and free radicals throughout the day. The pull of gravity on the skin doesn’t make things any better either.

That’s why a plastic surgeon South Jersey at can work with various procedures for the face. These include Botox among many other treatments.

Common Surgical Processes Work

Sometimes surgical processes are used to help with taking care of the face. A surgical procedure will often involve a face lift to reposition some parts of the skin to make the face look younger. In other cases nose surgery may be used to help reposition the nose or to adjust the contours around this critical organ. Sometimes you might even find that ear surgery will help to frame your face. This could make it easier for your face to really have that artistic look that you’ve always wanted.

The big thing about these procedures is that they are designed to make the skin look smooth and to help create the right facial proportions that you might have always wanted. This could all be designed to protect that look that you’ve always wanted so you’ll have that look that you have always desired.

Botox Can Also Be Used

Botox San Diego through may also help with taking care of certain issues. Botox is done to help control muscles that cause wrinkles to develop around the skin. This is a procedure that is often useful for minor concerns and is relatively easy to inject into the skin. This is designed to enhance the overall look of the face to make it look brilliant and appealing.

Botox is useful for minor issues but sometimes they can help you to protect your skin. This is to help you keep from having wrinkles around your eyes and other spaces where the skin can sag over time. If you’ve seen old works of art then you might notice that these wrinkle lines are not found on many people who posed for portraits and other paintings. Botox is designed to help you get yourself to look a little closer to what you’ve seen in these works of art.

Make Your Face Look Its Best

If you take a look at old works of art then you’ll see that these works are very vibrant and youthful in appearance. They are pictures that show how great life was back before people had to deal with harmful compounds and pollutants that make us all look older than we really are. Surgical procedures can help you to attain the artistic look that you’ve always wished that you could get for your face. Be sure to consider such a procedure no matter where you are if you are looking to get something that is sensible and easy to manage.

Mar 11

Why Computer Artists Need to Get in Touch with a Mold Removal Contractor

I have been working as a computer artist for more than a decade. Although I do make a lot of money working with video game companies, I actually still put in the effort to create art both for my own as well as clients from other industries. I have actually exhibited my personal art a couple of times. I don’t really sell most of them, but I have gotten recognition from so many critics all over the world. They called my art “pioonering” as it perfectly melded both art and technology. They have also said that it’s a shame that I am reluctant to let go of most of my personal art.

As for doing computer-generated art for non-video game industries, well, I can definitely say that I also make a lot of money from it. I have done so much work for so many industries. Unfortunately, though,doing computer-generated art can be really hard. This is because I have to keep my equipment in tip-top shape. Aside from using the latest computer equipment, I also need to keep my working space free of mold and other contaminants so that my computers’ performance doesn’t become poor. Luckily, through the help of a mold removal contractor team from Toronto, I am able to easily deal with the latter problem. In this post I am going to talk about how I was able to create such a great work of functional art with their help. By doing so, I hope to make people realize that maintaining the right set-up for creating computer generated art isn’t that hard.

The mold removal contractors I worked with were one of the more “forward-thinking” mold removal contractors in their area. One of the ways they are forward thinking is that they try to use the newest technologies in unique ways to aid them in their work. Through the use of the newest mold removal technologies, they are able to deal with mold more efficiently than other companies. Their way of cleaning mold doesn’t affect my computers and other electronic equipment negatively. In addition to this, they are able to clean my work area really fast.

Through the help of the mold remediation company, I am able to create so many works for different industries efficient. It’s really great. I don’t have to ever worry about my computers malfunctioning while I’m working on a certain project, and this is because I know that my work area is free of mold – this is all thanks to my mold removal contractors.

If you have ever wanted to be a computer artist, don’t let the fact that you have to do regular maintenance of your equipment so that they aren’t affected by mold and other contaminants keep you from pursuing your passion. Mold removal contractors now offer their services at reasonable rates, so really, keeping your work area and computers clean should be the least of your worries. There’s really nothing like being a computer artist. Through the work of such an artist, science and art are combined to create works that push the boundaries of both fields.

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